Portland (Northwest)

NameClinic AddressCityClick column names to sort data
Judith Allan, DCAllan, Judith3314 SW Kelly AvenuePortland
Megan Banker, DCBanker, Dc, Megan2232 NW Pettygrove St., Suite 110Portland
Sandra Burns, DCBurns, SandraxxPortland
Cindy S Clayton, DCClayton, CindyxxPortland
Conroy, SarahxxPortland
Eisenbart, Thomas xxPortland
Grootendorst, StephaniexxPortland
Cheryl Gross, DCGross, Cheryl2525 NW Lovejoy St, Suite: 407Portland
Paul Hagen, DCHagen, Paul2348 NW Lovejoy StPortland
Seth Hosmer, DCHosmer, Seth1030 NW Marshall StPortland
Platinum Member Karen Kelsall, DCKelsall, Karen1615 NW 23rd Ave, Suite: 2Portland
Lauren McCabe, DC, DACBSPMcCabe, Lauren12923 NW Cornell Road, Suite: 201Portland
Laila Noll, DCNoll, Laila818 NW MarshallPortland
Gail Ott, DCOtt, Gail2230 NW Pettygrove Street, Suite: 110Portland
Terry Petty, DCPetty, Terry997 NW Ashcreek LnPortland
Sears, Michael1926 NW 32nd AvePortland
Susan Strom, DCStrom, Susan2456 NW Northrup Street, Suite: 1-APortland
Anthony Weber, DCWeber, Anthony1615 NW 23rd Ave, Suite: 2Portland

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THE OCA DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE ANY OF THE LISTED CHIROPRACTIC SERVICE PROVIDERS. The OCA is not a health care provider, and does not give medical advice or treatment. The OCA offers the Referral List as a resource for patients looking for a chiropractic provider. However, the OCA does not pre-screen or pre-evaluate the facilities or providers in any way before they are put on the list. Nor does the OCA pre-screen, pre-evaluate, or consider the Medicare/Medicaid status of these providers. You are responsible for interviewing and selecting a suitable provider. Therefore, you should contact providers directly for relevant information, such as information on insurance coverage or specific techniques and services.

The OCA does not verify the credentials or licensing of any of the chiropractors before they are listed. If you wish to obtain a provider license status, please go to the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners website.